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Riviera Villas An Phu

Riviera Villas An Phu (26)

Villa Riviera! The luxury villas beside Saigon River, 60 Giang Van Minh – An Phu ward – District 2  - Ho Chi Minh city

Villa Riviera, especially villas along the Saigon River with attractive qualities unique address in a luxury high-end residential population, with architecture and stunning, with a wide range of amenities a resort right by the river bank this beautiful:

Property Type  Condominium For Lease
Transaction  Lease
Location  60 Giang Van Minh – An Phu Ward – District 2  - Ho Chi Minh city
Driving time to CBD  03-05 minutes to CBD
Parking  Yes
Number of bedrooms  3, 4, 5 Bedrooms
Rent period  1 year or over 1 year
Asking rent  $3,500 – $5,000/ month
 AvailabilityI  Instantly moving


Villa Riviera villa has a 101-storey ground lost in a separate walled wide 6 hecta be special protection 24/24. The charming villa has 4 to 5 bedrooms with a total area of 289 to 600 square meters with 8 different designs ground. Each villa has its own way for cars to own parking and spacious enough for two cars at once.

Villa Riviera is creating a new standard for this kind of luxury villas in Vietnam. Each villa here all use the material for the filter and is fully equipped with the most basic equipment. Investors have no more effort and money to create effective interior space, has a high use features ensure both aesthetic. Guestrooms are designed with high ceilings and spacious bedrooms make an excellent living space. the rooms are bright and airy thanks to a lot of plate-glass window, which allows to enjoy the natural landscape surrounding it. Riviera Villas deserves a home of your dream.

Senior Lifestyle will not complete if the lack of amenities available to relax and rest in a shade garden overwhelmed. Nowhere else can compare with Riviera Villas, where you can flee from the noisy bustle of everyday life. Designed as an urban resort, Riviera Villas offers a range of facilities that you can completely relax in a tropical garden style resort. Let loose yourself in the infinity pool 30 meters long is surrounded by shady palm trees, or train at a tennis court or gym with full air-conditioned modern equipment. More over, you can simply relax on the grass along the river to see peaceful landscape. You will never want to go to some places far away.



PROVIEW  Real Estate LTD., Co.

Add: No. 46, D1 St., Ward 25, Binh Thanh Dist., HCMC

Price: 3700 USD/mth - District  2
Giá: $3500 / month - District 2
Price: 3,500 USD/month - District 2
Price: 4000USD/mth - District  2
Price: 3700 USD/month - District 2
Price: $3500/month - District 2
Price: 3,350$/month - District 2
Price: $2800/month - District 2


Ms. Yan (English + Chinese) 

+84933 235 111 | +84936 746 571 

Mr. Duc (Vietnamese)

+84919 94 2121 | +84982472121





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