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Located in three main Streets, is Dong Khoi Str. - Le Thanh Ton Str. and Ly Tu Trong Street in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.
In the trend of increasing urbanization, between the lively heart of Saigon, seems to lack an ideal place to bring the shopping experience, relaxation and entertainment packages in the natural green space. Besides, the increase of the flow of cars, motorcycles, making the office and trade center now become scarce parking spaces.


The practical needs of the people of the city, Vincom Center provides a space to live, work and relax at the same time addressing the needs absolute static traffic of the downtown area. Vincom Center 26-story complex with amenities: Trade Centre, Office, Apartment 5-star hotel provide an ideal location between the city center needs to live, work and shopping, perfect relaxation.


Apartments of Vincom Center B is designed with the following criteria: reasonable, class, elegance, comfort With 80 units from level 21 to level 26 with an area of 92 m2, 2 bedrooms, only two basis, while the remaining area of 167m2, 3 bedrooms, 181m2, 270m2 and 340m2, 4 bedrooms of which is outstanding Penthouse apartment with floor design and beautiful location where you can zoom in sight its so far, so wide to feel you are doing the master space, quiet time and liberal. Outstanding characteristics of the Vincom Center apartment is luxurious interior design, featuring unique and made ​​by Aedas - one of the company's leading interior design of Hongkong - with very many other styles together to your liking and choice "gu" itself.

Perhaps you are wondering about the lack of sun, wind, lack of trees - a common feature of the apartment in the city? If so, you can eliminate now that concerns because now look Vincom Center is a spacious and airy with a blue floral display of plants and flowers - a very rare space in the center of the city this busy and vibrant. This is the "green lung" of the city. At his apartment, you can be flung open the door, welcoming sun and wind and the fresh air, cool "green lung" bringing.








Ms. Yan (English + Chinese) 

+84933 235 111 | +84936 746 571 

Mr. Duc (Vietnamese)

+84919 94 2121 | +84982472121





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